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"ASA has brought the highest standards of applied engineering to clock issues. Their hands-on expertise is unparalleled and results in measurements you can trust and actually use. There has been a steady commitment to improving their tools; the results have been excellent. Almost as important is the personal integrity ASA brings to interactions with a wide range of very serious, often competing, customers. ASA scrupulously observes confidentiality of sensitive data while having access to a wide range of leading edge designs. ASA has also supplied an important link from clock chip designers to users, serving both as an unbiased technical resource." - Pete Rawson, MTL Engineer, Hewlett-Packard

"As we see it, the M1™ System has been established as a standard for jitter testing at our customers over the past couple of years. [In regard to ASA vs. WaveCrest], as jitter testing is one of the non-trivial tasks of bench characterization, correlation between customers and semiconductor vendors it is much easier if you work with a common setup." - Hans M. Hilbig, Engineer, Texas Instruments, Freising, Germany

"Based upon my personal experience, and representing myself, not Intel, the calibration of the HP oscilloscope and setup of the M1™ System had the lowest jitter level of any system that I have ever used. I was able to resolve the jitter measurement to hundredths of femto seconds." - Dennis C. Newmeyer, FA/FI Development Engineer, Intel Corporation, Chandler, AZ

"I've been involved with the subject for many years, and I can honestly say that no other competitor understands the subtleties and complexities of jitter better than ASA. Just look at ASA's long list of customers. ASA has worked with the best clock designers in the business and taught them a lot." - Errol Shanklin, TIA Product Marketing Manager, HP

"In summary, M1 v4 pretty much sets itself apart as the industry's first universal scope application that will work on oscilloscopes from all four major scope makers. Moreover, because it can be transferred from realtime scope to realtime scope, running the same algorithms across all, it's inherently cost effective." - Alex Mendelsohn, eeProductCenter

Regarding the offer of a free Waveform Viewer:

“With many vendors engaging in difficult and user-hostile licensing it is most refreshing to see an honest offer such as yours. You should have GREAT in your experience rating list.” - Gary Schneider, Hi-Techniques, Inc.


October 28, 2001

An open letter to customers and partners of Amherst Systems Associates.

As an Agilent District Sales Manager, and previously as a Field Engineer for over 10 years in Silicon Valley, it has been a major source of pride to represent products and services from a company with high quality and integrity. Over the years, an extension of that pride has been working with Amherst Systems Associates.

Amherst Systems (aka ASA) has complemented our products and delivered excellent value with their M1™ product. This product has commanded a market leadership position by virtue of its superior performance in the area of clock distribution and jitter analysis. Additionally, the expertise that ASA delivers in their installation and training makes their consulting in design and test methodology as valuable as their products. This combination of products and services keeps ASA on the leading edge with respect to design starts in the ever-evolving microprocessor business.

ASA aligns well with Agilent's style of offering and delivering solutions since their organization very much mirrors our own. With personnel in the areas of sales, applications and system solution implementation, we can work in synch with ASA at each step along the way.

I highly recommend your working with Amherst Systems Associates.

Bing Hadley
District Sales Manager
Agilent Technologies


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