A Family of Tools

M1™ isn't a single product, or a collection of narrow, proprietary point-functionality add-ons like you'll get from the platform manufacturers.  M1 is a family of complementary products designed to support your waveform workflow wherever that work happens.

M1 Waveform Tools™ Ultimate Edition

BigGrayPrimary - webM1 Waveform Tools is designed for any engineer who works with waveforms, providing such capabilities as a massive library of built-in measurements, decodes, and debug modes, inventive exploratory features, correlatable RjDj with convergence/divergence indicators, built-in automation and collaboration tools, and much more! (read more)

Perform Analysis Offline Using M1 Reader™

M1 Reader does everything that M1 Waveform Tools does in terms of analysis, automation, and collaboration using saved data from any M1 Waveform Tools license that is connected to a scope, digitizer, or EDA source. M1 Reader is very inexpensive, so labs can easily put it on every engineer's computer. This ensures that everyone has access to M1's capabilities when they are needed. No longer is your analysis tool tied to the waveform platform as with the manufacturers' software add-ons. (read more)

M1 Waveform Viewer™

The simple ability to share waveforms from ALL brands of scopes, digitizers, and EDA sources opens up how you do your job, where you do your job, and how you collaborate with others.  M1 Waveform Viewer enables you to inexpensively capture, view, analyze, save, and report on waveforms taken from any waveform platform(read more)

M1 Emergency Licensing Server™

"On the shelf" emergency instant license transfer eliminates delays when an instrument needs repair or calibration.  (read more)