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You're more of an expert on certain technologies and methods than any T&M company will ever be. And you're frustrated with the pace and quality of certain solutions. The idea that a solution runs on a few models of an individual vendor's equipment seems just as ridiculous and predatory to you as it does to us. Meet the solution: The M1 Applications Developer Program (M1 ADP).
  • A framework of tools and technical support — create the kind of solutions you wish existed.
  • The marketing to get it out in front of tens of thousands of scope users to monetize your contribution.
  • Provide enhanced analysis capabilities to the design community generating simulated waveforms.
Advantage: You, the developer.

With the M1 Apps Developer Program, your solution can run on the scopes, digitizers, test stands, and EDA tools (we call them "platforms" collectively) that customers already own, no matter who made them. In fact, they won't have to buy yet another new instrument to get functionality they really need. Advantage: you, the developer. Your solution will have access to the most powerful collection of analysis, debug, collaboration and automation capabilities on the market. Advantage: you, the developer. And at the end of the day, rather than giving free advice to some scope company on how they can make more money, YOU get paid. Advantage: well, you get the idea. To see a more complete description of the advantages you can realize under the M1 ADP, such as selling M1 and becoming certified as an Automation Partner (consultant), click here to learn more. 

Becoming an M1 Apps Developer takes just four simple steps:

Talk with us. Get yourself into the program, and plan out your first project or two.
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Get your M1 Developers Kit set-up,and training on M1 Automation, and get going... with ASA's support when you need it. Learn more  

Run your app through our acceptance program to ensure it's customer-ready.
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Put your App into the M1 Apps Store and promote it.
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For T&M Manufacturers - Got Software?

Does your company make an instrument that tends to be used with scopes? Do you need a software option for your signal/pulse/AWG sources, power supplies, temp forcers, etc. to make it more useful to your customers? The Manufacturer’s Track of the M1 Apps Developer Program can provide what you want in as little as a few days.
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