M1 Reader™     Download the M1 Reader brochure

A low cost, remote-analysis version of M1 Waveform Tools™

M1 Reader™ lets you take the full and complete power of M1 Waveform Tools with you when you leave the lab. For about the cost of 100 cups of coffee, you can analyze, explore, automate, debug, document and do literally anything else M1 can do on waveforms saved with M1. You can take your waveforms with you when you leave the lab and work offline. More significantly, Reader is a key component of the M1 Waveform Tools solution architecture that makes very inexpensive and very powerful collaboration with your team possible, wherever they may be located.

If you use Value Scopes in your lab, M1 Reader will now allow you to acquire data directly from any number of them without having to purchase a full M1 Waveform Tools license. ASA believes that M1 can still provide substantial benefits to users of these scopes, for whom the cost of a normal Level 6 license would be a substantial fraction of the cost of the scope itself and therefore difficult to justify.

Beyond its extremely low cost, the only difference between M1 Reader and M1 Waveform Tools is that M1 Reader is limited to acquiring data from Value Scopes.


  • Instant collaboration with your team and your customers
  • Offline analysis
  • Portable - not locked to a scope
  • Can read and save waveforms in the efficient, compressible M1 Common Data Format
  • Can send and receive waveforms via email and FTP from Reader
  • Installs on your laptop - take M1’s capabilities with you to meetings, customers, flights, etc.
  • Client/Server mode controls M1 across the internet
  • Write and test automations in ScriptBuilder™ someplace more comfortable than a lab stool
  • XML-controllable scalable building block in your high-performance automation environment
  • Inexpensive enough to deploy to your entire team
  • VASTLY more powerful and less expensive than other industry tools
  • Protect your investment in Reader with Reader Subscription


M1 Reader and the M1 Common Data Format are at the heart of M1’s unique and powerful collaboration capability.