What is M1™ LabVIEW?

Due to significant advances in M1 WT's built-in automation capabilities, ASA no longer recommends M1/LabVIEW. Instead, LabVIEW can now communicate directly with M1 itself, and possibly even replace LabVIEW entirely for simple test systems.

M1/LabVIEW is a collection of Virtual Instruments (VIs) which allow the customer the ability to use M1™'s Voltage-vs-Time to Time-vs-Time Transformation and Analysis algorithms within the structure of National Instruments' LabVIEW measurement environment from benchtop to characterization stand.  This set of VIs lets the user acquire data from any manufacturer's real-time oscilloscope, from saved data, or from simulated data and recreate any measurement that can be made using the standard M1™ product. M1 LabVIEW is currently implemented in M1 version 3 features.

National Instruments' LabVIEW VI Library:

  • Transformation routines: V vs. T to T vs. T
    • Same engine as other standard M1™ products
    • Perfect correlation from bench to characterization and ATE now possible
  • Analysis tools
    • True cycle-cycle jitter and timing
    • N-cycle, Rambus DRCG, Serial Data, Multi-Channel Delay, etc.


  • High functionality content integrated rapidly
  • Industry-leading precision
  • Perfect correlation to the industry gold standard
    • From simulation to benchtop to ATE
  • The only cross-platform compatible tool
  • ASA's high-level technical support
    • Superior customer service
    • 21+ years of clock & timing experience