M1 Assistant™

Helping you be immediately productive with M1™

M1 has no equal in helping first-time users become immediately productive, with a range of embedded intelligence features to guide users quickly to their goals.  A significant part of this toolset is the M1 Assistant. The M1 Assistant is designed to introduce new users to the basic concepts of M1's user interface by presenting a variety of basic and commonly-performed actions, and walking the new user through the normal way to use M1's user interface to accomplish those actions. As the user learns the M1 native user interface, he can transition away from M1 Assistant.

The main M1 Assistant dialog starts with the basics by allowing you to select from

  • Acquire Waveform, which will detect an attached scope or digitizer system, or show you how to load saved or simulated waveforms
  • Basic Tasks, which provides quick access to a selection of the most commonly-used M1 tasks
  • M1 Assistant Tasks, which shows all tasks available in M1 Assistant

For the true first-time user, the I'm new to M1 button provides access to the many available ways to find training, information, and help with M1. The user can also customize the M1 Assistant dialog to show the most recently used tasks or a customized list of tasks.