M1™ Waveform Tools™

M1™ Waveform Tools is designed for the engineer who needs the most advanced capabilities and precision, such as...

M1™ is the very first scope-based method for measuring jitter & timing on a cycle-by-cycle basis. M1:

  • Supports scopes from every major manufacturer, and has been named as a measurement standard in a number of sectors.
  • Includes the ability to measure high-speed Serial Data signals in unique ways that provide useful diagnostic information to the engineer.
  • RjDjOptionsIncludes the most robust set of RJ/DJ Extraction methods in the industry.
  • Performs Risetime/Falltime, Differential Crossover Voltage, and Differential Transition Time Analysis.
  • Supports all of the v3 features that you have been using, and includes features such as AutoMeasure™.

Now, with the new Platform-Sensitive Pricing, you can get the most advanced features in scope that range from $100,000 15 GHz scopes to $995 personal scopes and pay an appropriate amount for the performance of your scope. Compare M1 to the competition, or click here to see how M1 will fit into your budget.