Technology Replacement

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Over periods of months and years, the work you do is dynamic, with new projects and new products. Sometimes you have to buy more instrument bandwidth to address your next problem; quite often, the best manufacturer this time may not be the same as it was last time. Scopes and digitizers have become commodities: a scope is a scope is a scope; a digitizer is a digitizer is a digitizer.

When your tools can easily adjust to the changing nature of your work, your life is better and your team is more effective. M1™ specifically addresses technology replacement in a way that aligns with your needs and doesn't try to tie you in to a particular hardware manufacturer as the vendor's business model does.

Any effective technology replacement strategy needs to consider two things:

Updating your hardware

The simple fact that M1 supports oscilloscopes and digitizers from all brands, coupled with a low-cost license transfer fee, means there is literally no impact on your measurement workflow when a hardware upgrade is required. Just pick M1 up and slide a new device underneath it.  The manufacturer's expensive, proprietary, point-functionality add-ons?  You'd need to buy all of them all over again, adding $35-50,000 or more to the cost of the new instrument.

If an instrument in your test stand dies suddenly, M1 Emergency License Server can ensure that you get back up and running again as soon as possible by providing an 'on-the-shelf' means of transferring an M1 license to the new hardware.

Updating the functionality layer you need to get your work done

Technology replacement at the software level is almost easier. ASA has a track record, measurable now in decades, of being the dominant first-implementor of new and groundbreaking functionality in this space. The manufacturers on the other hand rarely (if ever) update their existing software packages, except to drop support for older devices when they stop selling them. The steady stream of M1 technology enhancement, coupled with an inexpensive software Subscription and a rich automation and automation-sharing capability, provides you with the ONLY software technology replacement strategy in the industry.