BigGrayPrimary - web M1 Emergency Licensing Server™

When your hardware needs to come offline, M1 ELS gives you emergency, right-now license-transfer


The ongoing test-stand challenge - keeping your measurement workflow moving in the face of unexpected equipment replacement 

  • Equipment failures
  • Test equipment upgrade for new/faster signals
  • Scheduled equipment downtime for calibration/maintenance

 You need to get your test stand back in operation as quickly as possible instead of waiting for license transfers to be processed by the manufacturer.


The Solution: M1 Emergency Licensing Server (M1 ELS)

  • Immediate transfer - M1 ELS provides you with an 'on the shelf' ability to instantly transfer existing M1 Waveform Tools licenses without having to contact ASA
  • Cost effective - M1 ELS gets your test stand running sooner.  If the original instrument becomes available again within 45 days, M1 ELS allows you to restore the M1 license to that device and receive a credit towards purchasing a replacement M1 ELS License Transfer Authorization Token



  • M1 Emergency Licensing Server can manage up to 8 Tokens
  • Each M1 ELS token enables one license transfer
  • Additional tokens may be purchased at any time
  • M1 Waveform Tools licenses must have a current Subscription in order to be used in an M1 ELS license transfer
  • Licenses can be transferred to an instrument at any M1 Platform Level with the appropriate token type.
  • For more details, including pricing and availability, please visit the M1 Apps Store