M1 LogoM1 Support for Digitizers

M1 provides the simplest way to make your digitizers more useful and productive to your measurement workflow.  Since M1 works identically with all of your other oscilloscopes, digitizers, and EDA tools, regardless of manufacturer, you can easily compare and correlate your digitizer results to waveforms obtained from other sources throughout the product life-cycle.  Add in all of the additional capabilities and benefits M1 Waveform Tools™ provides in measurement sequencing and automation, analysis and debug, compliance testing, collaboration, and so on, and you'll understand why ASA is considered the industry leader in waveform usefulness software.

Both our full-featured M1 Waveform Tools™ product and our free M1 Waveform Viewer™ support digitizers as a waveform acquisition source.  M1 turns your digitizer system into a fully functional oscilloscope by providing the waveform display and ability to easily change settings that digitizers lack.  In fact, since a digitizer system isn't limited to the 4 analog channels that most scopes have, your digitizer system becomes a "super-scope", capable of supporting more than 100 analog channels.  High-resolution devices (e.g. 12/14/16-bit ADC) are also fully supported.

M1 Waveform Tools and M1 Waveform Viewer currently work with digitizers manufactured by:

Click here for a list of all the scopes, digitizers, and EDA tools supported by M1 Waveform Tools and M1 Waveform Viewer.